Conference Highlights Impact of EMP Events on Data Centers


Coalition member Jim LeBlanc joins panel to discuss the impact of an EMP event on data centers at local conference.


Data Center World New Orleans 2016 is focused for Leaders at all Levels. Unique to the industry, the conference draws upon the knowledge and experience of the more than 3,500 AFCOM members, the association for advancing data center and IT infrastructure professionals, to create an end-user driven agenda that focuses on real solutions for today’s key challenges. At the heart of this must-attend event is more than three decades of experience bringing the best education, most abundant networking, and broadest access to best-in-class vendors together across five days.



Last year, the US Senate Committee on Homeland Security passed the Critical Infrastructure Protection Act (CIPA) (S.1846).  In light of the recent and ongoing Electromagnetic terrorist threats happening domestically and abroad, this critical legislation is a tremendous step towards protecting and preparing the critical infrastructure of the American homeland against electromagnetic pulse threats (EMP Threats).  An EMP Threat is considered one of the most serious risks to our national security – so how does this affect today’s data centers?
Data center managers are recognizing Intentional Electromagnetic Interference (IEMI) and High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP) as threats to resilient operations.  This is especially a concern in data centers that support any of the 16 Critical Infrastructure Service Segments, such as utilities, financial institutions, healthcare and communications.  Nuclear proliferation, growing availability of drone aircraft with IEMI capability and terrorist/criminal awareness of commercially-available IEMI devices will undoubtedly make data center protection a long-term issue.   Data center managers have begun to protect against IEMI and HEMP, both in the United States and internationally.

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