Louisiana’s Power Grid

The electric utility companies here in Louisiana are some of the best in the world. Time and time again the men and women working for these companies have proven themselves working day and night to ensure the safe and continuous delivery of electricity. A true testimony to this is the record-breaking storm restoration efforts carried out by these companies during hurricanes Katrina and Gustav. However, as we move towards a more modernized grid, there are a number of new challenges and threats to the grid that go beyond the historically prevalent threats like extreme weather and animals.

Just within the past few years, there has been an increase in physical attacks against the grid while in December 2015 the first ever cyber attack that resulted in a power outage occurred in Ukraine. Additionally, there are other documented threats including electromagnetic and space weather that have the potential to cripple electrical systems and components. Only when the public, policy makers, and the scientist/engineers behind the grid are able to take part in objective dialogue and understanding, will these threats be able to be addressed.

State Overview

Population: 4.63 million (1% total U.S.)
Housing Units: 1.99 million (1% total U.S.)
Businesses: 0.10 million (1% total U.S.)

Electric Power Plants: 84

Coal-fired: 4 (<1% total U.S.)
Petroleum-fired: 8 (<1% total U.S.)
Natural Gas-fired: 63 (2% total U.S.)
Nuclear: 2 (2% total U.S.)
Hydro-electric: 1 (<1% total U.S.)
Other Renewable: 6 (<1% total U.S.)

Annual Energy Production

Electric Power Generation: 103.4 TWh (3% total U.S.)
Coal: 21.4 TWh, 21% [3.8 GW total capacity]
Petroleum: 3 TWh, 3% [1.1 GW total capacity]
Natural Gas: 58.6 TWh, 57% [22.4 GW total capacity]
Nuclear: 15.7 TWh, 15% [2.2 GW total capacity]
Hydro: 0.7 TWh, <1% [0.2 GW total capacity]
Other Renewable: 0 TWh, 0% [0.4 GW total capacity]

Transmission Lines

High-Voltage (>230 kV): 3,857 miles
Low-Voltage (<230 kV): 558 miles

Source: Dept. of Energy