What Other States Are Doing:

  • On June 11, 2013, the State of Maine passed the first legislation in the nation to protect the electric grid against electromagnetic pulse (EMP) and geomagnetic disturbance (GMD). EMP’s, such as high-altitude nuclear explosions, and GMD’s, such as major solar flares and storms, have the potential to critically disrupt or destroy the electric grid.
  • On 03/10/2015, Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe signed a bill requiring the commonwealth’s Department of Emergency Management (DEM) to plan for responses to disasters caused by electromagnetic pulses (EMPs). The requirement is part of the DEM’s overall mission of disaster preparedness.
  • Arizona implemented a requirement in 2014 for its emergency management agency to incorporate EMP preparedness into its disaster planning. Louisiana’s preparedness office is examining the possible effects of an EMP event. And Kentucky set up in 2013 an interagency working group to examine EMP preparedness efforts.