The electric power grid is arguably the most critical of the critical infrastructure sectors. Every other sector (financial, transportation, telecommunications, public safety, and other utilities) all depend on the reliable delivery of power. For this reason, the grid has been publicly cited as being a target for individuals, terrorist organizations, and nation states with malicious intent. Additionally, there are several threats that occur naturally including extreme weather events (hurricanes and tornados) and space weather events capable of causing long term power outages.

Though the electric utility companies, especially those in Louisiana, tirelessly strive to ensure the safe and reliable delivery of power, there is a growing concern that the full range and depth of the threats may not be universally understood by stake holders, vendors, policy makers, and customers.

Each of the 16 critical infrastructure sectors depend on electricity.

Chemical Commercial Facilities Communications Manufacturing
Dams Defense Emergency Services Energy
Financial Services Food and Agriculture Government Facilities Healthcare and Public Health
Information Technology Nuclear Transportation Water and Wastewater Systems
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